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名称:Garden Water Guns
类别: Water Sprayer
型号:HS12 Series
发布时间:2011-10-18 10:10:52 
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Quick Details

*Type: Garden Water Guns
*Garden Water Gun Type: Nozzles
*Material: Plastic
*Plastic Type: ABS
*Feature: Variable Flow Controls,Variable Spray Patterns,Soft Grip\
*Base Material :: ABS,Nylon and w/TPR
*Adjustable Spray Pattern:Yes
*Handle Grip Material:: Soft
*Fitting Size:1/2"
*Hot Water Use:No
*Product Type:: Hose Nozzle/Wand


*Garden and home using.2. Adjustable nozzle .3. Easy to assemby and dismantle.
  4.Connect the quick adaptor directly.5.Plastic.

  When want to water garden or wash car, bath room and pet, you can use this nozzle
  to connect the adapter quickly. Different spray type to meet your different your
  need. Plastic(ABS) material will not feel cold when using in cold day, and easy to
  take . One Sunday you and your family play in your garden to enjoy the happiness.

*The 7-Pattern Water Nozzle features a spray head that twists to easily adjust
  between 7useful water-spray patterns. The rear-trigger design fits comfortably in
  your hand. Ideal for general watering applications such as lawns and gardens.The
  plastic construction provides durability. It has a Rubberized grip, trigger and
  adjustment ring. Impact-resistant, plastic body with no-slip grip. Nylon trigger
  w/TPR overmold . Soft grip over mold.Wash your car, clean your deck and mist
  your plants.

(1) Hose nozzle sprays in multiple patterns for various jobs
(2) 7 pattern spray head,.
(3) Impact-resistant plastic body with no-slip grip.
(4) Adjustable spray pattern
(5) Crush-resistant,glass-filled nylong handle.
(6) Unique grip angle positions your hand in line with the water flow
(7) Thread lock for constant spray
(8) Nylon-trigger w/TPR overmold
(9) Soft grip overmold
(10)Rear trigger for easy watering
(11)1/2 in. fitting
(12) MFG Brand Name : GreenYard
(13)MFG Model # : 5108
(14) MFG Part # : 5108

*Product Functions:
(1)Just to introduce the function , how to use and the material.
(2)The head cap can be adjusted from jet to fan shape.
(3)ABS material ,impact-resistant plastic body ,not cold using in cool day.
(4)Ultrasonic welding make product strong
(5)Any color according to your need.
(6)If want to change the shape , will make mold according to your need.
(7)Any more questions, will be happy to give you answer.

*Product details:
(1)Male adapter to connect the waterstop adapter.
(2)The nozzle can be rotated to change the type of water, from jet to fan.
(3) ABS material ,impact-resistant body.
(4) Adjustable spray pattern.
(5)Knocked-down body
(6)Shut on-off switch to control water rate.

*Product Water Spray
(1)Rotate the nozzle slowly to change the shape of water,from jet to fan.
(2)Different type ,different usage, like water flowers and grass, wash bath room.
(3)Children Playing, wash pets.
(4)If water the flower and grass, pls using low pressure and small flow rate.
(5)When washing the car or dead corner ,using high pressure and big flow rate,
     pls careful of your car!
(6)When playing , pls don't spray to the eyes. Don't east it by your children.

*Zinc alloy 8-pattern spray nozzle 8 spray patterns: jet-flat-shower-mist-cone-soaker-fan-quad

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